Make-up w/Robin                                                            $100*

Make-up w/Marla                                                              $90*

Make-up Application                                                          $80*

Mini Make-up                                                                    $50*

Make-up Lesson                                                              $100*

Eyelash Application                                                             $25

Eyelash Application with Make-up Service                              $15



Tweezing w/ Robin                                                              $38

Tweezing                                                                           $28

Threading                                                                          $25

Waxing                                                                              $20



Manicure                                                                        $18**

Pedicure                                                                         $38**

Man/Ped Combo                                                              $50**


European Facial                                                                  $75

Mini Facial                                                                          $50

Anti-Aging                                                                        $100

Back Treatment                                                                  $75

European Facial Series (6)                                                 $375

Swedish Massage 30 min                                                     $50

Swedish Massage 60 min                                                     $75

Swedish Massage 90 min                                                     $95

Deep Tissue Massage 60 min                                               $95

Deep Tissue Massage 90 min                                              $120

Swedish Massage Series (6)                                               $375



Waxing Chin                                                                       $15

Waxing Face                                                                       $45

Waxing Bikini                                                                     $35

Waxing Brazilian                                                                 $65

Waxing Lower Leg                                                               $32

Threading                                                                        $10+


*Fees are waived with a product purchase of double the service cost

*Shellac is also available for an additional $10 per service


Despite its name, the spa’s services are not limited to luxurious facials and makeovers. About Face Beauty Spa is the perfect place to help you both look and feel your best.

Whether you are getting ready for a night on the town, need to de-stress or want to look your best for that once-in-a-lifetime event, About Face Beauty Spa can provide you with impeccable service and top of the line products.


Make-up Application

Let us enhance your natural beauty or perhaps give you a more dramatic, glamorous look. We personalize your session by using the best techniques for your individual skin type, colouring and bone structure.

Make-up Lesson

Have you ever wondered the correct way to apply blush or how to get those perfect, lush-looking lashes?  About Face’s knowledgeable staff can help.

We can offer you a personalized, step-by-step approach for applying your own makeup to help you feel your personal best every day!

Eyebrow Shaping

We offer expert shaping as well as the tools to help you maintain picture-perfect eyebrows on your own. You can choose from three techniques: Tweezing, Threading, or Waxing.

Hair Threading

This ancient Indian hair removal process has been a celebrity secret for years and its popularity has now expanded well beyond the boundaries of New York and Los Angeles.

Threading is performed by twisting a loop of thread around the fingers and running it over the skin, removing unwanted hair at the root without pinching the skin. It removes hair quickly and in a precise line. Threading is one of the best hair removal options for brows and other facial hairs, although is not recommended for larger areas.

There are several advantages to threading. Unlike waxing, threading doesn’t pull the skin and can be performed across the face. The thread also does not leave the skin red and there is no chance of getting a burn, which makes it an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin. Unlike tweezing, threading grabs the smallest of hairs and, consequently, re-growth tends to be slower and finer.

Spa Facials

Purify, cleanse and renew your skin with our relaxing facials. We offer a variety of treatments to meet your needs and your skin’s unique properties. We support this invigorating process with an array of skin care products for purchase on-site.

Our staff is equipped to handle all skin types, including those who may be going through stages of surgical healing. We encourage you to consult with our certified estheticians to determine the best course of facial treatments.

Table Massage

Nothing helps you unwind and de-stress more than a relaxing massage. Our therapists will work to put you at ease, while focusing on tight muscles and other stress points. If you just want to relax, try our spa favorite, a rejuvenating Swedish massage.

About Face Beauty Spa massage therapists concentrate on all aspects of a person as a whole: Body, emotion, mind and spirit as one.

Nail Treatments

We offer both manicures and pedicures. Available by appointment only.

Shellac treatments are also available, which, in addition to a nice mirror finish, offer zero dry time and 14-day wear.

Brow Tattooing

Specialty application of permanent tattooed eyebrows is an option for women of all ages and skin types. This delicate procedure may appeal to those who want less daily concern with cosmetic application. Try it once or get the full series of skillfully tooled applications.

Lash Tinting

Should you desire more up-close impact on your lashes, tinting may be the right approach for you. A more lasting effect and a nice alternative to the cosmetic use of manual lash applications, tinting can last up to one month.